“5 stars – The two CDs from Steve Luck are absolutely beautiful. “Ami Tomake” is the lullaby we all know, sung beautifully. It is accompanied by harp, and is very slow, rhythmic, and hypnotic. The CD lasts an hour and is a wonderful accompaniment to infant massage. It also serves well as  bedtime relaxation. “Ami Tomake Suite” is the music without voices, about an hour long. Again, a great massage or bedtime CD.  Parents can sing with the music as they massage their  babies. It is harp, flute, and violin; very slow, again, hypnotic. This CD is the best relaxation music I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Steve Luck, for creating these incredibly beautiful CDs. I recommend that every instructor keep and use these, and that parents are given the opportunity to buy them. Fantastic! I couldn’t ask for a better rendition of our classic lullaby.”

Vimala McClure – Founder, International Association of Infant Massage


“This music is used in IAIM classes around the world as the perfect background to promote a light relaxation during massage and other special parent-baby interactions”

IAIM (Australia)


“I first heard Ami Tomake whilst on my infant massage training. I downloaded the piece after my training, I played in once to my 8 month old son, and noticed that he calmed down very quickly. I now play it for my children (now 15 months and 3 years), whenever they are struggling to settle to go to sleep. My youngest was in hospital a while back, and was finding it very difficult to settle at bedtime due to the strange surroundings, so I played Ami Tomake on my phone, and lay the phone next to him. He quickly quietened down, listened to the music and feel asleep.

I would definitely recommend this music to anybody looking for something relaxing for themselves or their children. It is beautiful and easy to listen to, and appears to have some kind of magical power on my children. They are very energetic boys, and so far this is the only thing I have found that relaxes them. I wish I found it sooner.”

                                                                                                                        Gemma (UK)


“The response to the track was overwhelmingly positive. Comments included “it’s beautiful”, “it’s so relaxing” and “I nearly fell asleep and I was supposed to be working!”



“The music on The Ami Tomake Suite was very very relaxing throughout causing the mind to blot out the stress of the day, resulting in perfect peace.”

                                                       M. Doran (UK)


“Matthew enjoys it regularly among his other classical CDs and I’ve drifted off to it too. Very relaxing and calming x”

Natalie Kay Lynch (UK)


“Lovely lovely soothing rhythms – I love this! It’s the kind of thing that would just chase away the stresses of the day and help to calm busy heads especially at bedtimes.”

Tracepix (UK)


“A beautiful and skilfully, crafted piece of music blending soothing vocals with gentle orchestral strings, relaxing harp and calming flute. “

Cycletourleader (France)

“I downloaded this beautiful cd after a recommendation from a friend. All of the tracks are really soothing and very beneficial from a relaxing perspective…great CD.”

Full Circle Holistic Therapies


“Beautiful music composed especially to promote bonding with your child! Great for massage, Reiki, and just to relax!”

A Fisher (USA)


“I use this truly relaxing CD in my practice during Aromatherapy massage and Reflexology treatments.  My daughter uses it to help my granddaughter drift off to sleep”

Marie Welsh (UK)