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Vimala McClure is the founder of the International Association of Infant Massage.

She began singing the Ami Tomake lullaby and using it alongside infant massage after first learning about it in India in the 1970’s.

Recently she took time out from her busy schedule to review our version of the classic Bengali lullaby.

“5 stars – The two CDs from Steve Luck are absolutely beautiful. “Ami Tomake” is the lullaby we all know, sung beautifully. It is accompanied by harp, and is very slow, rhythmic, and hypnotic. The CD lasts an hour and is a wonderful accompaniment to infant massage. It also serves well as bedtime relaxation.

“Ami Tomake Suite” is the music without voices, about an hour long. Again, a great massage or bedtime CD. Parents can sing with the music as they massage their babies. It is harp, flute, and violin; very slow, again, hypnotic.

This CD is the best relaxation music I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Steve Luck, for creating these incredibly beautiful CDs.

I recommend that every instructor keep and use these, and that parents are given the opportunity to buy them.

Fantastic! I couldn’t ask for a better rendition of our classic lullaby.”
Vimala McClure
Founder IAIM


About Vimala
She learned traditional baby massage in India in 1973. After a few years of research she developed a curriculum to teach other parents. She taught and gave keynote addresses at several conferences. She wrote INFANT MASSAGE, A HANDBOOK FOR LOVING PARENTS, which was published by Random House/Bantam in 1979 and has been revised and updated several times since. She trained a group of childbirth educators to become Certified Infant Massage Instructors (in the USA, Certified Educators of Infant Massage); then trained dedicated, experienced instructors to be trainers of instructors.

She founded the International Association of Infant Massage in 1978 and continues to be active, writing and advising. The IAIM is a non-profit organization which now has 67 chapters worldwide and her handbook has been translated into 14 languages.

You can find full details about Vimala, including further information about the IAIM as well as links to her articles and books on parenting on her ‘About me’ page here

Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for your interest in Ami Tomake.

Steve Luck

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